Burmese Buddha Statues, Wood Carvings, Chinese & Asian Antiques

Antique Burmese Teak Wood Deva Nat

Golden Triangle Antiques web site sells Antique Burmese Buddha Statues & Iconography, Chinese Antiques as well as some collectibles items, including a small collection of Old Burmese puppets, Burmese wood carvings and Burmese kammavaca prayer manuscripts, such as the highly decorative Kammavaca and Palm leaf prayer manuscripts sometimes referred to as Paysar, some rare Burmese art pieces such as the Andagu stone stele and a small collection of Chinese antiques and collectibles.

Burmese Buddha Statues & Iconography, Chinese Antiques

Our Burmese Buddha statues come in all sizes and in all types of materials such as bronze, teak wood, Alabaster, marble and hollow lacquer, many of the Buddha statues for sale on this site are one of a kind:

Burmese Buddha Statues and wood carvings are often very ornate with lots of embellishments such as gilding, Thayo lacquer and glass mosaic decoration, depending on the area in which it originated. The Mandalay Buddha statues are the most highly decorated whereas the Shan Buddha statue is often plain without any embellishments, excluding the Shan Jambhupati Buddha statue which is shown wearing a crown and jewels.

Buddha statues not only add a decorative touch to any room in your home or garden, they also give a sense of harmony, peace, and tranquillity to the areas in which they are placed.

Antique, and not so antique Burmese wood carvings, Burmese Nat statues, Monk Statues and Burmese Puppets:

From time to time I also include other art pieces, both antique and collectibles from other parts of South East Asia and China, as well as the odd rare pieces I come across on my travels in Myanmar (Burma).

I endeavour to include small snippets of historical information related to some of the pieces throughout this web site, and am continually adding interesting articles and videos related to Burmese Buddha statues, Burmese wood carvings and handicrafts, Buddhism, Burmese history and other related information.

Chinese Antiques

Although Burmese Buddha Statues are the main focus of this website I have included a collection of Chinese funerary objects from the Ming, Han and Tang Dynasty, as well as other Chinese antiques and collectibles.

Articles on Burmese Buddhism

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