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Burmese Buddha Statues, Iconography and Chinese Antiques have held a fascination for me for many years.

Prior to my first trip to Myanmar (previously name Burma), I had a private collection of Chinese Buddha’s and collectibles, collected during my years living in Singapore, China and Malaysia. My first trip to Burma many years ago opened up a whole new world of Buddha Iconography which triggered my obsession with the Burmese Buddha statue, they are just so beautiful.

The Burmese Buddha statue is often very ornate and highly embellishment with gilding, glass mosaic and thayo lacquer decoration, depending on the area in which it originated. The Mandalay Buddha statues are the most highly decorated, whereas the Shan Buddha statue is often plain without any embellishments, excluding the Shan Jambhupati Buddha statue which is shown wearing a crown and jewels.

Buddha statues not only add a decorative touch to any room in your home or garden, they also give a sense of harmony, peace, and tranquillity to the areas in which they are placed.

Last year we returned from Malaysia where I resided for the past eight years, we now reside in Sunny Queensland, Australia. I am continually adding interesting articles related to Burmese Buddha statues, Burmese wood carvings and handicrafts, Buddhism, Burmese history and other related information.

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