Burmese Mandalay Alabaster & Wood Buddha Statue

Burmese Mandalay Alabaster & Wood Buddha Statue

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The Burmese Buddha statue can be very ornate and is often embellished with glass mosaic and thayo lacquer decoration after which it is frequently gilded, especially the Buddha statues crafted during the Amarapura period from 1789 to 1853 A.D., during this period they became more decorative with the addition of glass mosaics and sometimes precious or semi precious stones. The production and crafting of this highly decorative style of Buddha statue was at its height from the early Mandalay period from 1853 – 1885 A.D., through to the later Mandalay period between 1885 – 1948 A.D.

The Mandalay Buddha statues made from wood are the most highly decorated, whereas the Shan Buddha statues are often plain, wearing a simple monks robe, excluding the Shan Jambhupatti Tai Yai style Buddha statue which is often shown wearing a crown and jewels heavily decorated with Thayo lacquer and glass mosaics.

Many beautiful bronzes were produced during the Pyu period from 2 -11th century A.D. Iconography from this period was influenced by trade from India and depicted both Hindu and Buddhist influence in a single piece of iconography. During the Pagan and post Pagan period between 9th – 13th centuries many beautiful bronze and wooden Jambhupatti styles of Buddha sculptures were produced, these are often referred to as Arakan style.

The Burmese have mastered the art of the “Lost Wax Process” and to this day beautiful bronze Buddha statues are being made and exported to countries throughout Asia and China.

Burmese Buddha statues not only add a decorative touch to any room in your home or garden, they also give a sense of harmony, peace, and tranquility to the areas in which they are placed.

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